Dominate Your Life!

As a Former NCAA student-athlete graduating from Virginia State University with a B.A., M.S. and now as a Physical Development Consultant I see a huge need for personal and professional development specifically for Student-Athletes.

The World is changing and their is a new standard for athletes if they want to be successful in the future! They must invest in themselves. Character Development is a major key to a student-athlete’s success. When it all boils down to it your “Good Name” is all you have! A Good name is more valuable than millions of Dollars! Just ask Tiger Woods.

Lately there have been so many stories about Student-Athlete’s being kicked off of their college teams, loosing scholarships and potential opportunities to play professionally because of breaking team rules!

This is why we created the “Slight Edge Performance Program” to serve student-athletes, parents, coaches and pro athletes! The Purpose of “Slight Edge Performance Program” is to empower, Inspire and educate student-athletes to Perform at the highest level and Achieve their Full Potential!

Make sure you go to our team page at “Like” our page and be empowered Now!
-Domonique Hargrove B.A.,M.S. Founder of Slight Edge Performance Program

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