Sport Nutrition Tip of The Day!

Urgent! Sport-Nutrition Tip of the Day! Vitamin A is a fat Soluable vitamin that only occurs in animal foods. Beta-Carotene from fruits and Veggies is converted to Vitamin A in your body! Vitamin A helps Support Healthy Eyes and Skin, Healthy Bone Development, and Healthy Immune System! Foods rich in Vitamin A are liver, sweet Patatoes, carrots, dark leafy greens, cantaloupe, etc! Most Student-Athletes are Not getting the recommended Daily Value of this important Vitamin that’s why it’s so Important to Invest in a Plant-based, Sport Certified Food Supplement like Nutrilite Double X multivitamin/ multi-mineral. Let me Teach you how to get it! Learn more at and get Knowledge!

Domonique Hargrove B.A.,M.S. Founder of Slight Edge Performance Program.


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