Do Professional Athletes know Something Amateur Athletes Don’t when it Comes to Sport Nutrition?

Do Professional Athletes Know Something that amateur athletes don’t? Athlete’s have a far higher energy requirement than non-Athletes. Nowadays our diets do not have the Value of Nutrition that we truly need to Perform at our highest level and Achieve our Full Potential! This is why it’s So important to invest in Organic, High Quality, Plant Based food supplements that will help bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be when it comes to your Athletic Performance.

Here is an excerpt from an Interview with World Class Long Distance Runner and Olympian Kara Goucher. She talks about what she does to give herself an edge in her training. This Interview is from

Kara: I drink a LOT of ROC2O Sports Drink Mix. That is all that was in my water bottles in Houston, plain and simple good carbs to get me through the race. I also use the protein shakes after my hard runs to aide my recovery and sometimes use endurance cubes to help me get through longer training sessions. I also love taking my Nurilite supplements to know that I am covering any diet gaps I might have.

Andy: What are your favorite three Nutrilite products and IF you could only take one, which one would you take?

Kara: ROC2O is my favorite and most important being a marathoner. I could not train or race without it. I also love my Double X multivitamin, I know that my nutritional needs are being met when I take it. I also like all of the twist tubes. I drink a lot of water so I like flavoring my water with the Twist Tubes. It makes the water taste great and I get the added health benefits associated with the different varieties.


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