“Slight Edge Performance” Sport Nutrition Tip! (EGCG&ISOFLAVONES)

Urgent! “Slight Edge Performance” Sport Nutrition Tip of the Day! Phytonutrients (EGCG& ISOFLAVONES) Focusing on the Benefits of Fruits& Vegetables in the “Green” Phytonutrient Category. EGCG is a Very important Phytonutrient that is a very potent antioxidant! ISOFLAVONES is another powerful Phytonutrient and antioxidant! The benefits of eating nutrients found in whole green plants include Cellular Health, Healthy Artery function,Healthy Lung function and Healthy Liver function! Green foods rich in nutrients your body needs for Optimal Health include broccoli, zucchini, green peas, spinach,green peppers, etc. Athletes should include a food supplement plan in their eating lifestyle to fill any nutritional gaps! Student-Athletes should look for a NSF, Certified for Sport, Plant-based, Organic, high-quality food supplement like NUTRILITE DOUBLE X Multivitamin/ Multimineral. Hit me Up and I can Help You Out!
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-Domonique Hargrove B.A.,M.S. Founder of Slight Edge Performance Program



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