“Slight Edge Performance” Sport Nutrition Tip (Phytonutrients & Why supplementation?)

Urgent! “Slight Edge Performance” Sport nutrition Tip of the Day! Why do I need a supplement?
The American Medical Association recommends that all adults take one multivitamin because the foods you consume often don’t supply all the vitamins and minerals you need, at the recommended levels. Phytonutrients are naturally occurring chemicals in plants that help resist disease, promote healthy growth, and enhance organ function. Antioxidants are your natural defenses against free radicals. Free radicals oxidize compounds in your cells starting a chain reaction of instability and damage.We often don’t consume enough of these protective phytonutrients through diet alone, which is why it’s important to take plant based, NSF Certified for Sport supplements. In my opinion If you’re going to supplement, why not start with the world’s best multi? NUTRILITE® DOUBLE X® Vitamin/Mineral/Phytonutrient. You get the reassurance of Nutrilite’s cutting-edge research; plant concentrates from natural sources, grown to the highest standards; and the nutritional insurance offered by a great multi. Remember! When it comes to your health don’t just play the game, learn and understand how the game is played!
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-Domonique Hargrove B.A., M.S. Founder of Slight Edge Performance Program

Reference: NutriliteHealth.com



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