49ers Star Chris Culliver Out for Season: ACL Recovery Tips

49ers Star Chris Culliver Out for Season: ACL Recovery Tips

Ligaments connect bone to bone and tendons connect muscle to bone. The function of these connectors is important for everyday activities and movements especially in sports and athletics. Athletes are prone to ligament and tendon damage due to the stresses of physical activity, especially repetitive motions like running, jumping and quick change of direction. The good news is that many vitamins, minerals and nutrients from food have important roles in ligament, tendon and tissue repair.

What Foods can Help Strengthen Ligaments?

Colorful Fruits and Vegetables provide a variety of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants. The powerful antioxidant vitamin C is very common and is very important for athletes. Vitamin C helps support and strengthens connective tissue according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Vitamin C may also help reduce inflammation associated with injuries like a torn ACL. Fruits particularly high in vitamin C include cantaloupe, oranges, kiwi, cherries, mangoes and papaya. Vegetables also high in Vitamin C include tomatoes, spinach, broccoli and cauliflower. Vitamin C is so important to athletes because it can help your body produce collagen, which strengthens the connective tissue that forms our ligaments and tendons. Getting enough vitamin C also helps prevent further injury to damaged tissue and muscles.

Manganese is another important trace mineral that supports ligament and tissue health. Manganese helps supports strong bones and muscle function. Foods like nuts, hazelnuts, pecans, roasted pumpkin seeds and some shellfish contain the mineral manganese. Other trace minerals known for ligament and muscle strengthening and repair include copper and zinc. Zinc is especially important for maintaining strong joints and tissues.

Fatty Fish are prime sources of omega-3 fatty acids which are healthy fats that in addition to promoting heart health may also reduce inflammation associated with ligaments and connective tissue. Athletes should be consuming fresh ocean fish like salmon, tuna, flounder, trout, herring and sardines to get the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. This important nutrient for the body can help protect nerves and help keep blood flowing and joints moving.

How Do I Fill My Nutrition Gaps?

We should be eating a well balanced diet everyday that includes fresh colorful fruits and vegetables, ocean fish and whole foods to provide our bodies with the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. How healthy is your diet? I know most people and athletes in particular do not have enough time in their day to sit down and eat a well balanced meal. Most people just end up eating fast food. It’s a busy world and truth be told, most of us struggle to eat properly. Getting the right amounts of vitamins and minerals, the optimal range of nutrients from fruits and vegetables, plus essential fatty acids solely from your diet is extremely difficult yet so beneficial to your overall health especially ACL, ligament, and tendon health.

NUTRILITE vitamins, minerals and supplements provide the best athletes in the world with nutrition most people don’t get from their diet alone. Phytonutrients, a cornerstone of NUTRILITE supplements, are the natural nutrients in plants such as lycopene from tomatoes, resveratrol from grapes, and lutein from spinach leaves. Unlike other vitamins and supplements that are synthetic, NUTRILITE vitamins and supplements have plant based ingredients, so you get nutrients the way nature intended. NUTRILITE is the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest, and process plants on their own certified organic farms. NUTRILITE takes the utmost care to use only the best sources of ingredients for every supplement in their line and that’s why successful sports team like AC Milan (most successful soccer team), Detroit Redwings (most successful hockey team) and many other major league baseball, professional football, and Olympic athletes trust, believe in and use their supplements.


Are you eating the suggested 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day? 80% of Americans don’t eat enough fruits and veggies. NUTRILITE® Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables – Tablets – provide the phytonutrients of 10+ servings, made from the best fruit and vegetable concentrates, many grown on our own certified organic farms. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Learn more here http://bit.ly/14u8ntm.

Are you eating 2 servings of ocean fish a week? NUTRILITE® OCEAN ESSENTIALS® Balanced Health provides a concentrated blend of 2 key Omega-3 fatty acids. Taken daily throughout the week, the combination provides the same amount of DHA and EPA as 24.5 oz servings of ocean fish. Learn more here http://bit.ly/1500hSn.

Is your diet giving you all the vitamins and minerals you need for optimal health? NUTRILITE® DOUBLE X® Vitamin/ Mineral/ Phytonutrient help fill your nutritional gaps and offers superior health protection. It was shown to improve blood nutrient levels to provide your cells with the energy they need to support a healthy heart, brain, eyes, skin, bones, and immune system. Learn more here http://bit.ly/WB0IDt.

NUTRILITE® Perfect Pack for Your Health will Help you support your diet when your eating habits don’t. Why do I need to supplement? The American Medical Association recommends that all adults take one multivitamin daily. This is true even if you already eat a diet rich in fresh, whole, natural foods, because the foods you consume often don’t supply all the vitamins and minerals you need, at the recommended levels.

The Perfect Pack features three premier NUTRILITE supplements to help you establish a strong nutritional foundation. If you’re not regularly consuming 22 essential vitamins and minerals, 10+ servings of fruits and vegetables, and one serving of ocean fish every day, the Perfect Pack will help you fill your nutritional gaps.

NUTRILITE Perfect Pack for your health contains NUTRILITE DOUBLE X® Vitamin/Mineral/Phytonutrient, NUTRILITE Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables, and NUTRILITE OCEAN ESSENTIALS® Balanced Health. Learn more here http://bit.ly/ZoieJb.

The 3 NUTRILITE products contained in the NUTRILITE® Perfect Pack for Your Health can help replenish this much needed nutrition and positively impact your long term health ability to stengthen ACL, ligaments and tendons.

Of course this idea isn’t for everyone, only those who are serious about their health and giving their bodies with they need to reach their maximum potential and achieve success to success to the next level.

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