“Slight Edge Performance” Sport Nutrition Tip of the Day! (Selenium)

Urgent! “Slight Edge Performance” Sport Nutrition Tip of the Day! SELENIUM is a trace Mineral that is very important for good health! If you want to stay healthy, Strengthen your ability to Perform, Prevent sickness/injury and strengthen your body’s recovery process YOU need to KNOW about the mineral SELENIUM! Selenium helps your CELLS stay healthy and strong. Selenium also helps strengthen your body’s antioxidant defense system, immune system and helps with YOUR heart health. Foods rich in Selenium are nuts, seafood, plants and some meats. Research shows Americans Do not get nearly enough Nutrition through diet alone That’s why it is So IMPORTANT to invest in a NSF certified, Plant-Based, Organic, High Quality Food Supplement like Nutrilite Double X. It’s the best and I will teach you how to get it! Learn more at http://www.facbook.com/ SlightEdgePerformanceProgram “LIKE” our TEAM page. Learn to be Pro-Active about Your Own Health!

-Domonique Hargrove B.A.,M.S. Founder of Slight Edge Performance Program

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