“Slight Edge Performance” Sport Nutrition Tip(VITAMIN E, Antioxidants)

Urgent! “Slight Edge Performance” Sport Nutrition Tip of The Day! Almonds,Asparagus,Hazel nuts, Mangoes and Sweet Potato are all great sources of VITAMIN E! Vitamin E is a fat soluble antioxidant that protects cell membranes and lipid structures from oxidative damage. Athletes need to understand that their body requires a wide variety of antioxidants to deal with the many different types of free radicals that are released during energy production. Athletes need to ensure that they have an adequate intake of a wide variety of effective antioxidants to compromise free radical production. The question that arises is how effectively can athletes defend against the increased free radicals resulting from exercise? Do athletes need to take extra antioxidants? The words antioxidant, free radicals and oxidative damage are commonly thrown around by the media. However, few individuals actually understand what they mean. Free radicals are produced when break down fat, protein or carbohydrates for energy. The health benefits of vitamin E come from its antioxidant properties. Immunity levels improve when vitamin E is consumed. Another important benefit of vitamin E is that it reduces cholesterol and the risk of developing cancer. Research indicated that supplements containing vitamin E and C, may be effective at preventing oxidative damage in those participating in extreme endurance events. Vitamin E thins the blood which is another significant health benefit. In other words, it prevents the blood platelets from clumping. High levels of vitamin E reduce the risk of sunstroke and coronary artery disorder or heart disease. Another widely known health benefit of vitamin E is in skin care and hair care. Owing to its antioxidant properties, vitamin E promotes the circulation of blood to the scalp. Vitamin E helps alleviate fatigue and strengthen capillary walls while nourishing the cells.

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“Slight Edge Performance” Sport Nutrition Tip (Inositol)

Urgent! “Slight Edge Performance” Sport Nutrition Tip of the Day! Everyone can Benefit from learning about the Very Important Nutrient INOSITOL. Inositol is actually a simple and valuable carbohydrate. It’s main Benefit is to help Provide structure to cell membranes. In the human body, it plays a major role in preventing the collection of fats in the liver, as well as promoting healthy hair growth. The nutrient also aids in efficient processing of nutrients into the conversion of energy, which in turn helps the body to maintain a healthy metabolism. It also can be considered brain food, as the nutrient is necessary to properly nourish the brain. Other benefits include helping in the production of glucose, the communication between neurons in the nervous system, the control of estrogen levels, the distribution of important fats, the maintenance of cell membranes (especially specialized cell membranes such as the brain, intestines and bone marrow) and the constant battle against free radicals and cancer. Inositol is a major component of cellular membranes. It helps to maintain nutrient transfer across the cell membrane, as well as aid in the conversion of fats. Inositol is required for proper formation of cell membranes, effects nerve transmission and helps transport fats within the body. Inositol helps to maintain proper electrical energy and nutrient transfer across the cell membranes.
Why do I need a supplement?
The American Medical Association recommends that all adults take one multivitamin daily. This is true even if you already eat a diet rich in fresh, whole, natural foods, because the foods you consume often don’t supply all the vitamins and minerals you need, at the recommended levels. If you’re going to supplement, why not start with the world’s best multi? NUTRILITE® DOUBLE X® Vitamin/Mineral/Phytonutrient. Nutrilite has always included these plant nutrients in its supplement formulas because of their health benefits to humans. The phytonutrients found in the 20 plant concentrates in DOUBLE X supplement offer you both broad and targeted antioxidant protection. You get the reassurance of Nutrilite’s cutting-edge research; plant concentrates from natural sources, grown to the highest standards; and the nutritional insurance offered by a great multi.

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“Slight Edge Performance” Sport Nutrition Tip! (ZINC)

Urgent! “Slight Edge Performance” Sport Nutrition Tip of the Day!(ZINC) What is it?
Zinc is an essential mineral that is a component of more than 300 enzymes needed to repair wounds, maintain fertility in adults and growth in children, synthesize protein, help cells reproduce, preserve vision, boost immunity, and protect against free radicals, among other functions. Athletes need the mineral zinc to help
boost the immune system and speed recovery between workouts. Zinc is essential to keeping the immune system strong. For athletes, this is especially important, since being sidelined with a viral infection, or other illness, can force one to miss valuable workout time. Most athletes do not get enough Nutrition through diet alone! Athletes need to Invest in a NSF, Certified for Sport, Plant-Based, Organic, High Quality, Food Supplement like Nutrilite Double X Multivitamin/Multimineral to fill all nutrition Gaps! Contact our Team Page and Get more info at

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“Slight Edge Performance” Sport Nutrition Tip (BIOTIN)

Urgent! “Slight Edge Performance” Sport Nutrition Tip of the Day! Biotin, also known as vitamin H, is one of the B-complex vitamins. Your body uses biotin to turn the carbohydrates, protein and fat into the energy you need. Biotin is also necessary for proper function of your nervous system, as well as keeping your eyes, hair, liver and skin healthy. A deficiency can cause symptoms including anemia, depression, dermatitis, hair loss, heart problems, high cholesterol and nausea. Bananas, carrots, nuts, cooked eggs and Salmon are foods Rich with this Important vitamin! Most people don’t get enough of Biotin through diet alone so it’s Vital to invest in a High Quality, Plant Based, Certified for Sport Food Supplement! Contact me and learn about the Very Best Solutions for You!


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“Slight Edge Performance” Sport Nutrition Tip of the Day! (Copper)

“Urgent! “Slight Edge Performance” Sport Nutrition Tip of the Day! COPPER is a Trace Mineral that is Needed in Your diet for Optimal Health! About 2mg is Required to meet the “Recommended Daily Allowance.” The Benefits of the Mineral Copper include Healthy Red Blood Cells and Overall Good Blood Health. The Mineral Copper also helps in Strengthening Your Cardiovascular and Nervous System. Research shows most People don’t get nearly the recommended amount of Nutrition through foods you eat alone! This is why You Need to Invest in a NSF Certified, Plant-Based, Organic, High Quality Food Supplement Like Nutrilite Double X! It’s what I use and Believe in. It’s the Best and I’ll Teach You how to Get it! The Athletes on my Team see incredibly Wild results in their Athletic and Academic performance just by eating the right Nutrition. Visit my Online Store and Buy the Best Supplements! http://read.dmtmag.com/i/79352/13

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“Slight Edge Performance” Sport Nutrition Tip of the Day! (Selenium)

Urgent! “Slight Edge Performance” Sport Nutrition Tip of the Day! SELENIUM is a trace Mineral that is very important for good health! If you want to stay healthy, Strengthen your ability to Perform, Prevent sickness/injury and strengthen your body’s recovery process YOU need to KNOW about the mineral SELENIUM! Selenium helps your CELLS stay healthy and strong. Selenium also helps strengthen your body’s antioxidant defense system, immune system and helps with YOUR heart health. Foods rich in Selenium are nuts, seafood, plants and some meats. Research shows Americans Do not get nearly enough Nutrition through diet alone That’s why it is So IMPORTANT to invest in a NSF certified, Plant-Based, Organic, High Quality Food Supplement like Nutrilite Double X. It’s the best and I will teach you how to get it! Learn more at http://www.facbook.com/ SlightEdgePerformanceProgram “LIKE” our TEAM page. Learn to be Pro-Active about Your Own Health!

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“Slight Edge Performance” Sport Nutrition Tip of the Day! (Vitamin C)

Urgent! “Slight Edge Performance” Sport Nutrition Tip of The Day! Let me help you gain an Advantage in your Athletic Performance! Vitamin C is Very Important for Good Health! The Benefits of You Getting Your Daily Value of Vitamin C include Stronger, Healthier Immune System! Vitamin C also supports Healthy Cell Membrane and Healthy Connective Tissue. Vitamin C also supports Capillary Strength. Acerola Cherries are one of the Highest Sources of Vitamin C from Food. Since most Athletes don’t get Nearly the recommended amount of Nutrition from Diet alone, it’s Very Important to Invest in a Sport Certified, Plant-Based, Organic, High Quality Food Supplement Like Nutrilite Double X to Fill all Nutrition gaps! Let me teach you how to get It! Go and Visit http://www.facebook.com/SlightEdgePerformanceProgram “LIKE” our Team page!
Student-Athletes especially Need to Be Pro-Active about Improving their Performance both on and off the field and learning ways to Prevent Injury and Sickness.

-Domonique Hargrove B.A.,M.S. Founder of Slight Edge Performance Program



Do Professional Athletes know Something Amateur Athletes Don’t when it Comes to Sport Nutrition?

Do Professional Athletes Know Something that amateur athletes don’t? Athlete’s have a far higher energy requirement than non-Athletes. Nowadays our diets do not have the Value of Nutrition that we truly need to Perform at our highest level and Achieve our Full Potential! This is why it’s So important to invest in Organic, High Quality, Plant Based food supplements that will help bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be when it comes to your Athletic Performance.

Here is an excerpt from an Interview with World Class Long Distance Runner and Olympian Kara Goucher. She talks about what she does to give herself an edge in her training. This Interview is from http://blogs.amway.com/thehealthadvocate/category/double-x/

Kara: I drink a LOT of ROC2O Sports Drink Mix. That is all that was in my water bottles in Houston, plain and simple good carbs to get me through the race. I also use the protein shakes after my hard runs to aide my recovery and sometimes use endurance cubes to help me get through longer training sessions. I also love taking my Nurilite supplements to know that I am covering any diet gaps I might have.

Andy: What are your favorite three Nutrilite products and IF you could only take one, which one would you take?

Kara: ROC2O is my favorite and most important being a marathoner. I could not train or race without it. I also love my Double X multivitamin, I know that my nutritional needs are being met when I take it. I also like all of the twist tubes. I drink a lot of water so I like flavoring my water with the Twist Tubes. It makes the water taste great and I get the added health benefits associated with the different varieties.


Sport Nutrition Tip of the Day! Pantothenic Acid(B5)

Urgent! Student-Athlete Sport Nutrition Tip of the Day! Let me tell you why YOU NEED Pantothenic Acid and How it will Improve Your Health and Performance. Also known as B5 this very Important Vitamin Helps Your Body produce Energy! A Good Diet must Contain the Recommend daily Amount of Vitamin B5 to ensure GOOD HEALTH and PROPER Functioning of EACH Body Part. Vitamin B5(Pantothenic Acid) also Supports Healthy Hormones, Healthy Cellular metabolism and Cell Health! Foods like Mushrooms, Broccoli, Cabbage, Nuts, Wheat, etc. are Rich with this Vitamin! Most of You don’t get nearly enough of this Important Nutrient that’s Why it’s IMPORTANT to Invest in a Plant-Based, Organic, Sport Certified Food Supplement Like Nutrilite Double X! It’s the very Best and I’ll teach you how to get it!
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New Standard for Student Athletes

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