Sport Nutrition Tip of The Day!

Urgent! Sport-Nutrition Tip of the Day! Vitamin A is a fat Soluable vitamin that only occurs in animal foods. Beta-Carotene from fruits and Veggies is converted to Vitamin A in your body! Vitamin A helps Support Healthy Eyes and Skin, Healthy Bone Development, and Healthy Immune System! Foods rich in Vitamin A are liver, sweet Patatoes, carrots, dark leafy greens, cantaloupe, etc! Most Student-Athletes are Not getting the recommended Daily Value of this important Vitamin that’s why it’s so Important to Invest in a Plant-based, Sport Certified Food Supplement like Nutrilite Double X multivitamin/ multi-mineral. Let me Teach you how to get it! Learn more at and get Knowledge!

Domonique Hargrove B.A.,M.S. Founder of Slight Edge Performance Program.


Success leaves Secrets!

It’s an Incredible Feeling when you can Do something you’re Passionate at doing and Make an Impact and Positive Difference in the Lives of Student-Athletes! As a Former NCAA Football Student-Athlete myself I understand the challenges You face! I know how to help you guys gain the Advantage you’re looking for and get ahead in life the RIGHT Way! The “Slight Edge Performance Program” is an educational development program and is Only for Serious Student Athletes who want to be More Valuable! Go to “LIKE” our page and Get Knowledge!

-Domonique Hargrove B.A.,M.S. Founder of Slight Edge Performance Program


“How bad do You want to Succeed?”

College was Fun! In fact college was so fun my freshman year I literally forgot I was there to learn and prepare for my own future! I was playing football and hanging out. When I did go to class I slept half the time! Oh and the ladies! Let’s just say I had girls on my mind. Then one day my mom called my phone and said she received a letter in the mail from VSU. The letter was a Academic Probation Warning Letter informing me and my family that if I did not improve my academic standing I will be kicked out of school! This was a tremendous wake up call. I couldn’t believe I had been so dumb! Why was I wasting my time? Why was I not realizing and taking advantage of the awesome opportunity and privilege I had to get a great college education and be the first in my family to graduate college? From that moment forward I decided that I was going to take personal responsibility of my own life! I had to choose to take control of my own Future! In order to do this I had to first change the way I was thinking! I decided that I would learn how to “Love Learning!” Did you hear me Student-Athletes?! In order to be Successful in life you have to learn how to “Love Learning!” You have to develop a hunger and burning desire to learn!

Oh so you don’t like that biology class because you are a Mass Communications major and you can’t see any reason why you need to learn about plants? You better learn to “Love Learning!” Oh so you don’t like reading books about History? You better learn to “Love Learning!” Oh so you don’t feel like studying for that exam because you’re satisfied with average and mediocre grades? You better learn to “Love Learning!”

So how do you Develop an appetite for education? Well let me ask you what is your Passion? What do you love doing in your free time? What are your talents? If you didn’t have to work a job and you could do any type of work you choose what would you Do? Learn to develop a sense of purpose for your life! Once you develop a sense of purpose for your own life and you see a Vision of yourself accomplishing a Goal, learning will become easy to you! Instead of going to class and collecting meaningless “data” and “info” you will go to class to gain Knowledge that you can apply in efforts to accomplish your goal!

I started applying the philosophy that I was in control of only two things in my life. That’s my ACTION and my ATTITUDE! No matter what, you can control these two things always! I graduated on time with my B.A. in Mass Communications! I was so excited that I went ahead and enrolled in Graduate school at VSU. While in Grad school I finished up my NCAA athletic eligibility playing football while earning my Masters degree in Sport Management. In 2009 I was selected to the ESPN The Magazine Academic All-American Team in recognition of my accomplishments as a college scholar-athlete who excels in both Academics and Athletics! Student-Athletes how bad do you want to be successful? Discover your talents and passion and develop a sense of purpose! And Learn to “Love Learning!”

-Domonique Hargrove B.A.,M.S. Founder of Slight Edge Performance Program


How Effective is Your Multi-Vitamin Supplement?

Why do I need a Multi-Vitamin? I mean I eat pretty good. Why do I need to take extra Vitamin C and what the heck is Riboflavin? If you’ve found Yourself asking similar questions raise your hand! I have been competing as an athlete all my life. I remember my First game playing on my middle school association football team where I ran a kickoff Return back for a Touchdown on the opening kickoff! I even set a record at my old high school by having the most punt returns for touchdowns in a Single Game with two! What an Incredible feeling! I received a scholarship to go play NCAA football at Virginia State University in 2004! Throughout all my experience playing sports and all the great coaches I encountered I missed out on one major thing and that was Sport nutrition education. I don’t remember any of my coaches ever teaching me about the importance of sport nutrition and the impact it may have on my athletic and academic performance. This is why we created the Slight Edge Performance Program to do just that! Coaches can teach their athletes about the physical aspect of their sport but many athletes lack the education of sport nutrition that will help them perform at the highest level and reach their full potential!

So back to the Question! Why should I take a multivitamin as an student-athlete? Student-Athletes have a higher energy requirement than non-athletes! Your Food is literally your Fuel! From now on look at your body as a Vehicle and Eat to Fuel your body! That Fuel will give your body the energy it needs to Go, Do and Perform! Most athletes don’t get the Dailey recommended Nutrition intake they should that’s why it’s so crucial to take a High Quality, Sport Certified, Plant-Based Food Supplement. I personally use Nutrilite Double X to fill any nutritional gaps I may have. You get what you pay for so you really have to ask yourself “how much is your health worth to you?” I started using Nutrilite Double X multivitamin/ multi mineral while playing NCAA football. I noticed my energy was incredible and lasted all day! My focus, endurance, stamina and strength all increased! As a fitness instructor and physical development consultant now I personally recommend that everyone invest in a high quality, plant based food supplement to bridge any nutritional gaps they may have. And if you’re going to be fueling your body to perform then you better put the best type of Fuel in your body and Nutrilite Double X is the very best! In fact Nutrilite is the only global vitamin and mineral brand to develop safe and effective supplements made from whole plant concentrates. I want you to do your research! Here is a link to a website that will give ratings and info about the most effective and non-effective vitamins on the market! You may be surprised!


Student-Athlete Sport Nutrition Tip of The Day!

Urgent! Student-Athlete Sport Nutrition Tip of the Day! Have your coaches taught you about the importance of the mineral Molybdenum? This important trace mineral helps your body metabolize, break down and use fats and carbohydrates for your energy needs! Molybdenum helps your body use Iron Efficiently and aids in healthy Cell function! Foods grown in nutrient rich soil like wheat grains, barley, lima beans and dark leafy festivals have it! Because most Student Athletes don’t get the recommended amount of nutrition in their diet alone it’s very important to invest in an organic, Sport Certified, High Quality Food Supplement like Nutrilite Double X to fill ALL Nutrition Gaps! To Learn more go to “LIKE” our page and Be Empowered today!
-Domonique Hargrove B.A.,M.S. Founder of Slight Edge Performance Program

Dominate Your Life!

As a Former NCAA student-athlete graduating from Virginia State University with a B.A., M.S. and now as a Physical Development Consultant I see a huge need for personal and professional development specifically for Student-Athletes.

The World is changing and their is a new standard for athletes if they want to be successful in the future! They must invest in themselves. Character Development is a major key to a student-athlete’s success. When it all boils down to it your “Good Name” is all you have! A Good name is more valuable than millions of Dollars! Just ask Tiger Woods.

Lately there have been so many stories about Student-Athlete’s being kicked off of their college teams, loosing scholarships and potential opportunities to play professionally because of breaking team rules!

This is why we created the “Slight Edge Performance Program” to serve student-athletes, parents, coaches and pro athletes! The Purpose of “Slight Edge Performance Program” is to empower, Inspire and educate student-athletes to Perform at the highest level and Achieve their Full Potential!

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-Domonique Hargrove B.A.,M.S. Founder of Slight Edge Performance Program